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Jasmine Doughty's Illustration of Mock Orange


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Jasmine Doughty's Illustration of Mock Orange

Mock Orange – Philadelphus lewisii

Plant of the Month Mock Orange – Philadelphus lewisii   Mock orange grows wild from Southern British Columbia to Northern California and east to Montana, but is possibly better known for its use in landscaping. This hardy shrub produces blooms with an amazing sweet, citrusy scent that attracts pollinators of all kinds. Hummingbirds, certain kinds […]


Sound Native Plants featured in The Olympian

Casey Dehe of Sound Native Plants places seedlings in a former pasture in the Woodard Bay Natural Resource Conservation Area along Shincke Road north of Olympia on Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015. TONY OVERMAN — Staff photographer Read more here:

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Grand Fir – Abies grandis

PLANT OF THE MONTH Abies Grandis (Grand Fir)           Grand fir is native to the Pacific Northwest from Montana to the Pacific coast and southern British Columbia to northern California, and it inhabits altitudes from sea level to 1800 meters. Unlike Douglas-fir, Grand fir is a “true fir” of the genus […]


Price Drop on Live Stakes

Nearly all species of live stakes have dropped in price: Scouler’s willow from $0.32/ft to only $0.25/ft Pacific willow from $0.34/ft to $0.28/ft Geyer willow only $0.38/ft Sitka & Hooker’s  $0.25/ft Cottonwood & R.O. Dogwood from $0.32/ft to only $0.28/ft Call us today for a quote on your next project!