Ecological Restoration Specialists

Before and After Photos

McLane Point Habitat Restoration:                          


Removing a culvert and restorating the natural stream bank configuration. Techniques included fascines and live staking, slope re-contouring, adding spawning gravels to the stream bed, and use of coir erosion control fabrics.


Stream relocation and enchancement:                                                           


Perennial stream relocated into a naturally configured channel. Channel was lined with erosion control fabric and the banks were seeded and planted with container-grown native species.  


Percival Creek slide:  


Steep slope at Percival Creek stabilized with a mix of techniques including a live cribwall, willow fascines, live staking, and a vegetated geogrid. 


McAllister Bluff property:


Slide after heavy rain stabilized with live stakes and container-grown trees and shrubs.

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