About live stakes

This time of year we get lots of orders and questions about live stakes, which we harvest from wild plants growing on sites throughout western Washington. Live stakes are perishable stem cuttings that take considerable labor to collect, process and haul to the nursery. We don't keep them "in stock" – we collect them to order, and we need 1-2 weeks notice, depending on how busy we are. Orders usually can't be changed on short notice, and once the stakes have been cut, the customer is obligated to pay for them, so you should be sure of what you want and when you want it before placing an order. Live stakes should be planted within two weeks – their viability declines the longer they are stored. We are happy to offer advice on how to maximize your success with these useful, economical plant materials. For more information, see https://soundnativeplants.com/sites/default/files/uploads/PDF/Live_stakes.pdf.