Ode to Spring

March 2, 2012

We see it everyday, plants are beginning to wake up from their winter slumber. Last years buds are swelling, leaves are emerging and roots are growing. Spring is a great time to plant! Shrubs and perennials are anxious to get into the ground and start growing. Take advantage of this…

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2-Gallon Plants Sale EXTENDED to February 29!

January 23, 2012

We have extended our winter sale and still have several 2-gallon plants marked down. These plants are thriving and ready to plant. Don't miss this opportunity to acquire these larger specimens at reduced prices. Click here for wholesale or retail sale prices.

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New offering: Nearshore restoration species

December 1, 2011

We now offer keystone species for “nearshore” restoration sites – the vegetated zones closest to the beach. Recent research has revealed the critical habitat functions of these little-studied ecosystems. American dunegrass (Elymus mollis) forms the backbone of most nearshore plant communities, which may also include tufted hairgrass (Deschampsia cespitosa), Lyngbye’s…

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About live stakes

November 4, 2011

This time of year we get lots of orders and questions about live stakes, which we harvest from wild plants growing on sites throughout western Washington. Live stakes are perishable stem cuttings that take considerable labor to collect, process and haul to the nursery. We don't keep them "in stock" – we collect them…

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Blustery Fall

October 28, 2011

The last few days of October have shown us that the warm weather is over, and the windy, rainy Fall weather is here to stay. We have spent the month sending out several thousand plants to job sites throughout the Puget Sound. We were happy to see the plants find…

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Now licensed commercial herbicide applicators

September 22, 2011

Our Portland/Vancouver crew now includes commercial pesticide applicators licensed in Oregon and Washington. We use herbicides to control highly invasive weeds only as a last resort, within the context of an Integrated Vegetation Management plan. Our applicator crew exercises the same scrupulous care and attention that we use in all…

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Quality vs. Quantity

September 1, 2011

We are a small operation, growing over 80,000 plants with a small crew on less than an acre. We like it that way!  Our plants originate from Western Washington, and most from Thurston County. Knowing where our plants come from is important to us, because we know that it is…

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Counting plants

September 1, 2011

The most important part of running a nursery is maintaining an accurate inventory. We are constantly out in the nursery yard, assessing blocks of plants, culling, weeding, counting and double counting. We are proud to say that our inventory reflects numbers on the ground as accurately as possible. We have…

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Website Problem

August 22, 2011

A server problem caused our website and email to stop functioning from Wednesday, August 17 until Sunday August 21. The server held all our emails and delivered them on Sunday. If you tried to contact us during that time, rest assured we are currently reading and responding to the accumulated…

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Inventory update!

August 4, 2011

SNP has now completed our inventory for the 2011 fall planting season. All numbers listed on the current availability are accurate. We will be adding the emergent species to the current availability list by the end of August. Please let us know if you would like to put anything on…

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