Clean Boots Between Adventures — New Year 2024 Conservation Resolutions for Community Members!

Let’s be real — we don’t wash everything we wear after each adventure. Most articles get a smell-check at best. But, if there is one thing we should attend to after each time we venture out, it’s our wheels or walking shoes! These things transport seeds, oils, plastics, and micro-organisms that can contaminate habitat. If we wash up between adventures, we limit the spread of invasive materials and species.


Consider other things we wear, carry, or ride that makes contact with the ground, water, or mud: such as gators, the knees and booty of pants, or backpacks. Using a brush or damp towel to clean off dirt and mud does a lot to reduce our impact on the environment. If we want to go a step further, we can use a multi-purpose disinfectant on our gear to remove more unseen agents of chaos.


Brown cartoon cowboy boot with the text "Clean my boots between adventures" above


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