Landscape Consultations with Sound Native Plants

SNP consults on a broad range of environmental issues related to native ecosystems.


Our Services Include:

  • Site assessment of wetlands, streams, bluffs, slopes, shorelines, oak woodlands and priority habitats
  • Environmental permitting including COE and local wetland permits, shoreline permits, and endangered species act compliance
  • Planning and design, including wetland mitigation, shoreline mitigation, habitat management plans, weed management plans, slope stabilization, and bulkhead alternatives
  • Monitoring mitigation projects for permit compliance and performance bond requirements
  • New virtual consultations
  • Workshops and presentations on native plants and ecological restoration practices


Learn more about our consultation services at the bottom of this page.

In addition to standard in-person consultations, we are now bringing our expertise straight to your laptop or smartphone with Virtual Consultations!

Together, Sound Native Plants excels at designing practical and well-conceived planting, mitigation, and restoration plans with the highest potential for success. We know first hand what it takes to make a project succeed because our field crews have been installing and monitoring mitigation projects for over 15 years.


If you are interested in in-person or virtual consultations with Sound Native Plants, complete this form to provide us with project information and schedule!

2003, Before SNP Work
2003, Before SNP Work
2003, During SNP Work
2003, During SNP Work
2006, After SNP Work
2006, After SNP Work

Consultation Outcomes

  • Option 1: Walk-through and discussion. No additional office time required.
  • Option 2: Walk-through, discussion, and single-page write up detailing discussion. 1 - 3 hrs of additional office time required.
  • Option 3: Walk-through, discussion, write up detailing discussion, and follow up work as required 4 - 6 hrs or more of additional office time required, depending on project complexity.

Length and Cost of In-Person Consultations

Consultations can be scheduled for 1 hour up to multiple days. We work with our clients to assess an accurate time frame for every project.

Standard in-person consultations are billed at $100/hr including travel and office time.

Contact us at with large project inquiries.


See the Virtual Consultation page for respective pricing.

Consultation Services