Virtual Consultations with Sound Native Plants

SNP consults on a broad range of environmental issues related to native ecosystems.

We are now bringing our expertise straight to your laptop or smartphone with Virtual Consultations!

Virtual Consultations are great for

  • Native plant selections to replace non-native plants

  • Planting plan for on and around septic fields

  • Landscaping for wet areas

  • Native edible and pollinator gardens / food forests 

  • Plant identification

  • Simple landscapes not on a significant slope

  • Plant selection and zone planning

  • Single-species invasive plant management

  • Rain-wise and fire-wise planning

outside with laptop virtual consultations

Virtual Consultations are scheduled to suit your needs!

Our team has flexible scheduling – including evenings and weekends – to work within your busy life. Complete this form to schedule.

Salmonberry over ocean

During a Virtual Consultation the client guides the remote SNP consultant through focus areas of the landscape with a smartphone or laptop with a camera. The SNP consultant will address questions and concerns verbally and take notes during the meeting. A recording of the visit will be available to the customer for reference. Additional consultation outcomes and final products depend on the clients’ goals. 


Virtual Consultation Outcomes

  • Option 1: Walk-through, discussion, and recording. No additional office time required.
  • Option 2: Walk-through, discussion, recording, and single-page write up detailing discussion. 1 - 3 hrs of additional office time required.
  • Option 3: Walk-through, discussion, recording, write up detailing discussion, and follow up work as required 4 - 6 hrs or more of additional office time required, depending on project complexity.

Length and Cost of Virtual Consultations

Virtual Consultations are scheduled to be 1 hour long and cost $150.00ea, no matter if all time is used or not. Each additional hour of Virtual Consultation is charged at $75.00/ hour and billed in .25 hour increments. Additional office time for reporting etc. is charged at $100.00/ hour.


Not all consultations can be given virtually. If a Virtual Consultation is not possible for your project, we will do our best to connect you with the assistance your landscape needs.

Virtual Consultations are not so good for

  • Mitigation plans
  • Inaccessible sites
  • Slope stabilization
  • Complex invasive plant management
  • Plant identification for rare or tricky species

Feel free to contact us with any questions.