Installations & Maintenance

Environmental restoration projects demand experience and knowledge not found in the traditional landscaping industry. Restoring natural environments is our specialty. Sound Native Plants is adept at coping with the complexities particular to restoration projects and we use techniques that will give you the best prospects for success. Our skilled crews are accustomed to working in challenging sites such as steep, unstable slopes and wave-eroded shorelines.

Request Installation or Maintenance Services

When requesting installation or maintenance services from Sound Native Plants, please include your name, phone number, email address, site address, and desired project timeline along with a general summary of work to be completed. All inquiries should be sent to

SNP Service Areas

We currently have installation and maintenance crews based in Olympia and Portland/Vancouver. We have installed countless projects throughout Thurston, Pierce, Mason, Lewis, King and Clark counties and throughout the Portland metropolitan region.

Our service area extends roughly from Everett, Washington to Oregon City, Oregon, and from the west side of the mountains to the Pacific coast. For larger jobs at more distant locales, our installation crews may be available to relocate for the duration of the project.

We install:

  • Wetland mitigation plantings
  • Steep slope stabilization and soil erosion control projects
  • Streambank, marine bluff, and lakeshore buffers
  • Temporary irrigation systems
  • Roadside plantings
  • Stormwater pond plantings
  • Bioengineered structures

We also:

  • Maintain existing plantings - we provide irrigation, control weeds, maintain, repair and remove browse protectors and fencing, and replant
  • Monitor existing mitigation and restoration projects
  • Manually remove and control weeds, such as Himalayan blackberry, English ivy and Scotch broom
  • Control weeds through careful herbicide application using precisely targeted methods (learn more about our weed control services)

We maintain detailed records of our installations and offer follow-up monitoring for our projects. Visit our Flickr webpage to see project photographs.

Oregon Commercial Pesticide Operator License AG-L1017543CPO    Washington Commercial Applicator License 84295