Selected Projects

McAllister Creek stabilization project during construction.


McAllister Creek Streambank Stabilization, Olympia, WA, 2004. Designed and installed a streambank stabilization project along 80 lineal feet of tidal-influenced McAllister Creek. The bank was rebuilt in layers wrapped in slope-reinforcing geotextile blankets. Live cuttings of native willows and red osier dogwood were installed between each layer. The shoulder of the slope was planted with container-grown native plants.

McLane Point Habitat Restoration, Olympia, WA, 2002-2004. Designed and installed habitat restoration measures for streams and uplands associated with a salt marsh on Puget Sound. Measures included controlling extensive Himalayan blackberry and Scotch broom infestations, removing a culvert and road crossing and restoring the natural stream bank configuration, adding spawning gravels to the stream bed, removing and restoring paved roads, decompacting and amending heavily damaged soils, planting native trees, shrubs and emergent species, and assisting with planning volunteer activities. See before and after photos.

Stream Relocation and Enhancement, Thurston County, WA, 2003. Designed and installed measures to relocate a perennial stream that initially drained through a channelized ditch and a series of concrete pipe two feet from a residence. Stream was relocated further away from the house into a naturally configured channel. Channel was lined with biodegradable erosion control fabric and the buffer and banks were seeded and planted with container-grown native species. See before and after photos.

Rainbow Valley after planting.

Rainbow Valley Shoreline Restoration Plan, Thurston County, WA, 2002. Designed and installed the plan to restore riparian vegetation to a creek within the Black River floodplain on property owned by The Nature Conservancy. Native trees and shrubs were planted densely on both sides of the creek, following lines established by our temporary drip irrigation system. Every plant was furnished with a weed barrier and a plant protector to promote growth and protect from browse and maintenance activities. Livestakes of native willows were planted adjacent to the creek.

Mitigation Sites Installation and Maintenance, Clark County, 2002. Installed over 4,000 native shrubs and trees in 14 wetland and stream mitigation sites throughout Clark County and provided ongoing maintenance for all 14 sites. All plants were flagged to aid with maintenance and monitoring, and all received plant protectors, weed barriers and mulch. Maintenance included hand weeding and watering from May through September. Projects were mitigation for road construction and culvert replacements implemented by Clark County Public Works Department.

Riparian Buffer Conservation, private property, Eatonville, WA, 2002. Installed over 1000 trees and shrubs in retired pasture adjacent to the Mashel River for a project partially funded by the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP). Live willow cuttings were installed in a wet swale near the river. Plant protectors were installed for all other plantings to allow for easy maintenance, good growth, and some rodent protection.

Electron Dam Fish Ladder Revegetation Project, Pierce County, WA, 2000. Installed plants for revegetation following fish ladder construction. Project included seeding, application of straw mulch, and hand watering plantings.

Royal Gardens Wetlands, City of Olympia, WA, 1999. Designed and installed plan for revegetating wetlands and wetland buffers at the inlet and outlet of the Royal Gardens wetland pipeline. Plantings included emergents, shrubs, trees, and herbaceous perennials. Shredded bark was used as mulch to reduce surface erosion and limit growth of weeds.

Sprouting willow fascines and live stakes stabilizing a re-built slope and a bioengineered slope with sprouting brush material- Westmark Condominiums.

Slope Stabilization, Westmark Condominiums, Olympia, WA, 1999. Designed and installed bioengineering measures to stabilize two failed slopes, and revegetated a drainage pipeline trench with native plants. Measures included a vegetated geogrid, live stakes, fascines, and container-grown planting.

Heritage Park Emergency Slope Stabilization, Glacier Construction, Olympia, WA, 1998. Stabilized a massive landslide on state lands below the capitol building. Installed native plants on a tall, steep bluff that was reconstructed using bioengineering methods after the slope failed. Planting required extensive use of ropes and a detailed fall protection plan. The client substantially revised their planting plan based on our recommendations at the start of installation.

Slope Stabilization, private property on the Nisqually bluff, Olympia, WA 1998. Designed and installed bioengineering measures to stabilize widespread slope failures along a marine bluff. Techniques included fascines, live staking, slope re-contouring, channel armoring and use of coir erosion control fabrics.

Cosmopolis Sludge Pond Revegetation, Weyerhaeuser, 1997-1999. Designed and implemented a year-long study of methods for revegetating a 15-acre pond in Cosmopolis, used to store wood pulp mill waste. Developed and implemented a revegetation plan for the pond, based on the study results.

Muck Creek and Johnson Creek Habitat Enhancement, Fort Lewis, WA. 1996-97. Supervised tribal crews on projects to collect and install live willow cuttings along several thousand feet of Exeter Springs, Muck Creek, and Johnson Creek.

Percival Creek Slope Stabilization, City of Olympia, 1996. Developed and installed a bioengineering plan to stabilize a steep slide on Percival Creek that threatened a sewer main. The plan employed a mix of techniques including a live cribwall, willow fascines, live staking, and a vegetated geogrid. See before and after photos.