Flowering perennials for shade

Western Washington offers a wealth of shade-loving native wildflowers

Western trillium Smith's fairybells

Western trillium (Trillium ovatum)

•Medium to moist soil
•Large white flowers turn purple with age
•Large, triangular leaves
•Spring blooming

Smith’s fairybells (Prosartes smithii)

•Medium to moist, organic soil
•Pairs of delicate flowers hang from leaf axils
•Complex leafy branches
•Spreads by rhizomes
•Oblong, orange berries
•Summer blooming


Woodland beardtongue Pacific bleedingheart

Woodland beardtongue (Nothochelone nemorosa)

•Dry to moist soil
•Vivid magenta or purple flowers
•Hummingbird attractant
•Summer blooming

Pacific bleedingheart (Dicentra formosa)

•Medium to moist soil
•Full shade to partial shade
•Delicate foliage
•Spring/summer blooming
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