Foliage trees

For foliage trees:

Instead of Japanese maple try vine maple
Japanese maple Vine maple

Vine maple (Acer circinatum) decorates mountain streams with splashes of glowing red and orange in the fall. This shrubby maple’s palmate, deeply divided leaves, borne in tiered branches, strongly resemble those of Japanese maple. Vine maples form jungles in the forest understory, but placed in the landscape they may grow as small trees, particularly in the sun, or as tall, multi-branched shrubs. Somewhat taller than it’s Japanese cousin, vine maple typically attains a height of about 15-20′.  Vine maple grows rapidly in moist shade, adapts to a wide range of conditions, and tolerates full sun except in hot, dry locations.  The greenish bark and complex branching pattern offer visual interest even in winter. 

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