New Year 2024 Conservation Resolutions for Community Members!

If you’re setting some goals for the new year and need a few conservation-minded ideas, we got you! As awesome as it is to get thousands of native plants in the ground, it’s just as awesome and important to consider the daily impact we have on our precious endangered habitats as we enjoy nature and go about our day.


Some conservation resolutions to consider include:

  • Volunteering our time towards native planting or invasive plant removal projects
  • Staying on the trail while hiking or during any outdoor outing
  • Cleaning our boots between adventures to not spread seeds or micro-contaminants
  • Planting pollinator-friendly plant species in your yard, porch, and community


I personally can’t wait to add some fruit-bearing and pollinator-friendly species to my garden at home!

Four tiles overlaid on notebook. Tiles read: "Volunteer planting and invasive removal", "Stay on trail while hiking", "Clean my boots between adventures", "Plant pollinator-friendly species"

Read about specific New Year 2024 Conservation Resolutions for Community Members by following the links below!

Volunteer Planting & Invasive Removal

Stay on Trail

Clean Our Boots Between Adventures

Plant Pollinator-Friendly Plant Species


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