How to order plants

1) Check our current availability (updated weekly).

2) Request plants via email, or on the form below.

3) We will contact you to discuss actual availability and set a pickup date and time.

4) Once a pickup date and time are set, we will finalize with an order confirmation.

5) Pickup curbside in West Olympia during your specified appointment time.

To consider when requesting plants:

  • All pickups are from West Olympia, WA. We ship only plugs and only within Washington State.
  • Orders due in full on pickup. We prefer payment in the form of cash or checks, major credit cards can be accepted for retail sales only.
  • If you will be traveling more than 35 mph with the plants, please make sure you have a way to protect them from wind damage.
  • All plugs are bunded in sets of 30-35 -- mixing and matching is encouraged!
  • We reserve the right to cancel or decrease quantities of any order due to acts of nature, crop failures, or other circumstances beyond our control.
  • Please review our terms and conditions for container-grown plant orders before ordering.
  • All nursery visits are by appointment only. 
Serviceberry, slough sedge, and red-twig dogwood plugs bundled!
Serviceberry, slough sedge, and red-twig dogwood plugs bundled!

Retail Plant Request Form

Wholesale customers, please email us!

Answers to Common Questions

Hours We are in the office 9am - 5pm on weekdays. Pickup hours are 10am - 4pm on M, T, Th & F.

Location West side of Olympia, Washington state 60 miles south of Seattle, 100 miles north of Portland, Oregon, and five minutes from I-5. Please contact us for directions.

Advance orders We take orders up to six months in advance of sale without deposit.

Bid requests If you already have a list of the plants you are looking for, e-mail it to us. Please indicate when you will need the plants and whether substitutions for species or sizes will be considered. You may print out our plant bid request form from a pdf file. We will provide you with a bid for the items requested. Once you receive our bid, let us know which items you would like to order.

Calculating plant quantities Visit our plant quantity calculator webpage to determine the necessary quantities of plant material needed for your project. The calculator is organized by vegetation type.

Delivery We are not offering delivery at this time.

Live stakes, poles, fascines & brush See our live stakes and cuttings webpage for more information. We custom collect live stakes etc. from wild sites for each order and require at least two weeks advance notice to harvest the material. The minimum live stake order is $30. All stakes are priced by species, diameter, and length; standard size for most live stakes is 4' long by 1/2" - 1 1/2 in diameter. If you change, reduce or cancel live stakes orders, balance in full is due for all material that has already been harvested - once we cut it, you own it. There is a 40% off-season surcharge on stakes etc. May - August. Review Terms for live stakes and cuttings before placing an order.

Plant installation We currently have installation and maintenance crews based in Olympia and Portland/Vancouver. Our service area extends roughly from Everett, Washington to Oregon City, Oregon, and from the west side of the mountains to the Pacific coast. For larger jobs at more distant locales, our installation crews may be available to relocate for the duration of the project. Visit our Installation and Maintenance webpage for more information.

Pricing policy Wholesale pricing is available to businesses, non-profits and agencies. To receive wholesale pricing, you must have a Washington State business license (UBI) or a federal employer identification number (FEIN). A current Reseller Permit is necessary for tax-exempt sales. Wholesale pricing is password protected; to access, email for the password, then enter it on our wholesale webpage.

Resources The following resources may be of assistance in creating or finalizing your order:

SNP species descriptions
SNP species selection guide
SNP current availability
SNP wholesale price list
List of native plant references and resources