Quality vs. Quantity

We are a small operation, growing over 80,000 plants with a small crew on less than an acre. We like it that way!  Our plants originate from Western Washington, and most from Thurston County. Knowing where our plants come from is important to us, because we know that it is important to you. We do not have the quanities that larger operations offer, but what we lack in quantity we make up for in quality. Our plants are grown with the utmost care, hand tended, pruned, watered and nurtured. We love to watch the nursery flourish during the summer months, and see the roots of ninebark emerge from a hard-wood cutting, spread to the bottom and sides of the pot and look amazingly healthy and vibrant when we pull them out to show to our customers. Of course when you have healthy roots, the tops will be green and full as well. We think we offer the best looking native plants in the Puget Sound – healthy and well rooted, with equal root to shoot growth. Everything we ship is ready to plant. We are confident that they will thrive in the harshest conditions and the most loved garden. Please see what we can provide for your upcoming projects.