The following information sheets are available as pdf files:

Nursery topics

Please see our catalog for information on more nursery topics

Project planning

Site preparation

  • Earthwork and site preparation - recommendations on timing, decompaction, habitat features, and weed control
  • Mulches - table outlining functions, recommended depth, sources, and costs for various mulch materials (wood chips, bark, straw, etc.)
  • Compost - descriptions of various products available and a discussion on different types of applications
  • Compost socks - an explanation of this erosion control technique, including installation specifics
  • Girdling trees - an overview of how girdling works, the best tools to use and which species can be girdled
  • Soil treatments - drawbacks and benefits for fertilizers, amendments, and mulches to help you choose the best treatment for your project site
  • Limiting soil compaction - reduce impact on a planting site through comprehensive site assessment, planning and scheduling, and low-impact practices and techniques
  • Restoring compacted soils - foster a healthier soil through mulch, soil amendments and various decompaction methods

Weed control


Please see our catalog for more information on vegetation and species selection topics



  • Plant storage and care on site - as you are getting ready to receive plants at your installation site, consider how to best care for them until they go in the ground
  • Planting tips - recommendations on planting depth, root disturbance, watering in, and staking; link to planting video and brochure produced by WSU Cooperative Extension: Plant it Right
  • Plant protectors - information on protecting plants from wildlife and the benefits of tree shelters
  • Weed cloth - installation specifics and uses of weed cloth (also known as landscape fabric)
  • Erosion control fabric - information on various types of products available and installation specifics
  • Installing live stakes - instructions and tips for planting live stakes
  • What to do about beavers!?! - ecological role of beavers, effects on restoration projects and how you can protect your plantings
  • What to do about geese!?! - the effects on restoration projects by Canada geese and how you can protect your plantings
  • Fascine installation - how and why to use fascines for site stabilization projects
  • Summer irrigation - descriptions and recommendations of irrigation systems for summer watering, especially important for spring plantings

Stormwater Management