Stay on Trail — New Year 2024 Conservation Resolutions for Community Members!

We share your passion for exploring the great outdoors! We also share your curiosity for what dwells off trail, in that little nook, just riiiight over there. Resist friends!


When we stay on the trail during outdoor excursions we limit our impact on the environment. There are bountiful ecosystems that thrive in open-seeming grasslands, streamsides, and even patches of dirt that can be crushed under our weight. By staying on trail we reduce erosion and preserve fragile soils. Our wheels and shoes transport seeds, oils, plastics, and micro-organisms that can contaminate habitat. By staying on trail we limit the amount invasive materials and species able to disrupt or harm nature.


Trails exist for reasons beyond our convenience — so if they’re there, use them! If we are bushwacking or in an area without defined routes, let’s challenge ourselves to follow game trails or paths that reduce impact.


Yellow cartoon map with the text "Stay on Trail While Hiking" above

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