Volunteer Planting & Invasive Removal — New Year 2024 Conservation Resolutions for Community Members!

There are bountiful opportunities to volunteer time and energy towards conserving habitat in both the Olympia and Portland/Vancouver areas! Planting native plant species is often done during the fall and winter seasons, when rain is abundant. Invasive plant removal is often a summer task while the weather is fair. In addition to planting and removal, consider plant salvages, beach clean-ups, rain garden maintenance, or lending a hand in a local community garden. Some of our favorite organizations that would love your efforts are listed below.


Olympia Area:

Native Plant Salvage Foundation

Capitol Land Trust

Thurston Conservation District

Pierce Conservation District

Portland/Vancouver Area:

Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership

Johnson Creek Watershed Council

The Nature Conservancy in Oregon

Forest Park Conservancy


Two cartoon people planting with the text "Volunteer Planting & Invasive Removal"

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